About the Delmarva Hosta Society

Our club was formed in 1995. Today, our club includes over seventy members, hailing from Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, united by our enthusiasm for hostas and hosta gardening. Some of us hybridize, some of us photograph, some of us write, and ALL of us delight in the beauty of hostas.

In 2017 we teamed with Lou Papp, Commissioner on the City of Lewes Parks
And Recreation Commission, to dedicate and plant a hosta bed in Zwaandael Park in downtown Lewes. See some of the photos of the planting.

DHS Members and Featured Hostas
Gayle & Terry Lisa Betty & Jack Theo Debbie & Ed
Pat & Bob Judy Tammy & Stan Peter Kathy & Andy
Mary Sue Wanda Yvette George Deborah
Bob Linda Will Carol Margit
Diana Jim & Herb Nancy & Wayne Jan Edward & Patricia
Jenny & Freddy Sandy & Ralph Elizabeth & Allen Judy & C.M. Ken & Robin
Florence & George Richard & John Tracy Edy Eileen
Sherry Tonyea Chuck & Bruce Freda Sally
Vahan & Virginia Alice Jackie Mary Emily
Charles & Cindy Frank & Sally Bobbie Connie Donna & Bob
Maureen Lissa Jean & Max Fred Sandra
Judy Gayle Annie Eleanor Dave
Jan & Greg Vickie & Al Pat Lee Jane