Dixie Regional Tour Gardens | 2019

Moss Manor - Gayle and Terry August

Developed from a tangled mass of pine seedlings and wild roses, this 10-year-old woodland garden was originally to be a small space for a few shade-loving specimens.  However, an addiction for unusual plants had the homeowners steadily expanding “beds of sorts” as time passed.

The August garden clearly suggests a sense of whimsy, and it mingles both native and exotic horticultural treasures. Non-traditional elements of hardscape are tucked amidst such shade-loving/tolerant plants as hellebore, hydrangea, indigophera, leucoseptrum, disporopsis, poncirus, fern, arum, asarum, chelone, sarcococca, tirarella, baptisia, and dystilium.

Homeowner favorites include arisaema, trilllium, camillia, danae racemosa, dracunculus, edgeworthia, spigelia, viburnum, epimedium, rohdea, trachystemon, stachyurus, and, of course, hosta!

Amble by statues of the four seasons, the Italian water trough, a fairy cottage, and the three-foot-wide bird’s nest.

Can you find the hepatica?