Dividing Your Hostas

The best time to divide your hostas is late fall, after the growth of summer has concluded and before the hostas begin to go dormant. You can dig them up entirely to have a root ball before you, or you can simply cut off a division or more to plant on its own. If you dig up the entire root ball, an easy method is to then lay the root ball on its side and use a square-edged shovel to slice cleanly through the entire root ball. Then you can plant each half wherever you choose. If you simply cut off a division, you can plant that division elsewhere (or, in the spirit of the Friendship Plant, gift it to a friend!). Just be sure to pack some healthy soil back in next to the crown.

Can you divide hosta in the spring? Yes! Just make sure each division has a crown (pip) and good roots. You might consider protecting them from freeze damage (cover the divisions with a plastic pot if a freeze is predicted). Speaking of freezing, if your young hostas show signs of having been frozen, just pull off the frozen parts of the leaves. It is so early now that they will recover just fine. If not removed the frozen part will turn brown and stiff, which will distort the underneath part which is still trying to grow.