Dixie Regional Tour Gardens | 2019

Eagles' Perch - Florence and George Kruer

When Florence and George moved into the 12-year-old house on 2 acres in 1999, they immediately started redoing what was a quite depressing yard—mostly grass. The property has 300' of frontage on Red Mill Pond; to stop erosion, coir fiber Biologs were installed along the shoreline and planted with several hundred native plants to keep it in a natural state. The owners have done all the work themselves, except for mowing and hauling off non-compostable trimmings.

Hostas are the primary plant of interest, with 200 plants, including George's registered introductions Delaware Blue Hen and Pot Scrubber. An orchard of about 25 fruit trees—including peaches, apples, pears, and plums—figures in the garden. Other trees include about 20 Kousa and native dogwoods, many of which were started as seedlings. Around 60 native and other azaleas also grace this garden, so visits to the garden in early May always delight. Many camellias, both japonicas (spring blooming) and sasanquas (fall blooming) provide an extended season of bloom.

Statuary, some whimsical, are located all around the property, as are numerous berry bushes and grapes that feed birds and squirrels. A relatively new hydrangea bed, populated mostly by rootings from another club member, is just coming into its own, and many daylilies and perennials appear throughout the garden. Annuals provide summer color.